An ex IRA gunman has two hours to revenge the brutal death of a young boy, but as he hunts for the men responsible, he must confront a bigger obstacle: his own past. 

Genre: Drama/Thriller 


Many years before, an ex IRA gunman has made a promise to a dying boy; to find the men responsible for his death. Now, finally released from prison, he arrives in the small town where the men live, to hold them to account. 

With only two hours to keep his promise, fate intervenes when he crosses paths with LISA, a brash, teenage prostitute. Having saved her from being beaten up by her pimp, the two come to an uneasy agreement: In return for money, she will help the Irishman find the men he is looking for, not knowing that he intends to kill them. But both of their fates are changed forever, when she finally discovers the tragic truth behind his promise. 


Justin Shevlin is an Anglo-Irish actor, writer and director who has enjoyed a successful and critically acclaimed career as a member of some of the most renowned theatre companies in the world, including the Royal Shakespeare Company and Shakespeare’s Globe. He has also appeared in TV and Film in one off and serial dramas, such as ‘The Honourable Woman’, ‘New Tricks’ and ‘Waking the Dead’. THE RITES OF PENANCE represents his first feature film as writer and director. 


Niall Bishop, Venice Van Someren, Yinka Awoni